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Why are you not following @TheBabyDrake 🤔

She goes by Drizzy (@thebabydrake) and this young lady is the definition of a fit chick who has worked hard in and out of the gym. If you don’t know who she is, you should find out. She is definitely worth your follow! She lives off a plant-based diet and proves all the “bros” wrong when it comes to the myths of eating vegetarian.

There are plenty of reasons to follow this lady. The work she has put in the gym to earn her leg day gainz says it all!

Give this lady a follow!

Fight Against Chicken Legs

For many reason some people just do not want to train legs. Laziness, "hurt", they did it last week, and so many other excuses come up on the day of legs. Here at FACL we are taking the next step into helping curl bros learn to love leg day; while educating them self with our leg day themed articles.