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Squats are a great exercise to workout your butt and legs, but you have to do them correctly. In this workout video female Fitness Model Karen Kennedy is doing a squat workout by doing 4 different type of squats.
Medium stance barbell squat for 10-12 reps followed by close stance squats for another 1-12 reps. She goes all out. After 2 minutes rest she does close stance Dumbbell Squats for 10-12 reps followed by wide squats for 10-12 reps. Go all out. If you can do more then 12 reps increase the weight. Repeat this 3-4x for a killer leg and butt workout.

Female Fitness Model Karen Kennedy.

Fight Against Chicken Legs

For many reason some people just do not want to train legs. Laziness, "hurt", they did it last week, and so many other excuses come up on the day of legs. Here at FACL we are taking the next step into helping curl bros learn to love leg day; while educating them self with our leg day themed articles.