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When you look around the gym, it is easy to find somehow who thinks they are the alpha of the club, yet have no idea how to squat. Learning to squat is one of the most important parts of weightlifting. To have a strong base, hips, and posterior chain will pay off for every other lift and life in general. Watch the video above and learn some basics that you can take to the gym and practice.  Start slow and with lighter weight. Leave your ego at the doot. It is about getting better, not looking good while hurting.

Notice how in the photo, the back is not rounded. You want to keep your core tight.

Eric Lilliebridge is one of the best squatters in the world. Watch his hips and his core. He keeps himself tight and does not round the back. His knees and hips do all the bending, as his core stays tight. With a strong posterior chain (glutes), he is about to come out of the hole (the bottom part of the squat) with power and speed.

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