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Watch Infinite Elgintensity roast the makers of Squat Magic, a suggestive exercise gadget that promises buns of steel for almost no work.

How do people keep thinking that is they do no work at all, they someone will stay get 100% results? When people say that they have “tried it all” they most definitely are talking about B.S. products like this and not hard work in the gym. Do you want the glutes and the booty gainz? you need to learn how to lift weight properly and keep yourself safe while going after your leg day gainz.

Fight Against Chicken Legs

For many reason some people just do not want to train legs. Laziness, "hurt", they did it last week, and so many other excuses come up on the day of legs. Here at FACL we are taking the next step into helping curl bros learn to love leg day; while educating them self with our leg day themed articles.