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Five Fit Chicks That Can Out Lift You But That’s Okay

Them a strong woman is repping your max, it helps that she is neck breaking sexy. It’s hard enough not to look like a wimp in front of the bros, let alone in front of the girl you have no chance with. With powerlifting and CrossFit becoming more and more mainstream for women, it’s not question why more ladies are using their glute strength to throw around some heavyweight!

Bonnie Schroeder (@bonschro)

Gabrielle Mamani (@pumping.fe)

Francesca Emanuele (@francesca__e)

Julia Monroe (@julia.monroe)

Mena (@menya2184)

Fight Against Chicken Legs

For many reason some people just do not want to train legs. Laziness, "hurt", they did it last week, and so many other excuses come up on the day of legs. Here at FACL we are taking the next step into helping curl bros learn to love leg day; while educating them self with our leg day themed articles.