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Eunice Braddock: Squatting Deep and Asking Questions

Eunice Braddock is a relatively new lifter with unlimited potential. Repping more weight in squats then most bros max with, Eunice has been rapidly changing her body as she enters the word of bodybuilding. 2016 is sure to be an amazing 2016 bodybuilding season.  While she is not sure if she is going to do bikini or figure, this young lifter has many doors open in front of her. It is going be extremely exciting to watch her take the stage and show of her hard work and leg day / booty gainz.

How old are you, where are you from, and do you squat ass to grass?
I am 21, but tomorrow is my birthday and I’ll be 22!! I’m so excited! 😁 Originally I’m from Romania moved to America when I was 5. I lived in Chicago pretty much all my life. I met my amazing husband almost to 2 years ago and moved to Pensacola, FL due to him getting stationed here. So I’ve been currently living in Pensacola for the past year and a half-ish. Haha, do I squat ass to grass? Heck yeah!! But lately, I’ve been squatting at a 90-degree angle. I feel it in my butt and quads A LOT more that way. And my weights been going up so I’m super pumped about that!! 💪😁

What areas of weight training do you train and what is your best squat?
I do bodybuilding! 💪 My best squat is 155 for 10 reps. I’ve only been lifting for about 7 months so I have yet to do a PR! 🙈

Where do you train? Do you have a lifting team or partner?
I train at Real Time Fitness, it’s a pretty decent gym. Wish they had more machines. But I work with what I have!
No, I don’t. I lift by myself! & I personally love it! I put on my headphones and I just get in my zone! The gym is truly my happy place haha

What does a normal leg day workout look like for you?
Uhh, let’s see… This is going to be long 🙈 So I do two leg days a week, which are Monday’s & Thursdays and I’m there for about 2 hours for each sometimes 3.😳 I keep going until I can’t walk anymore 😂

On Monday’s I like to focus more on my quads and of course the butt. I like to switch it up every week so my muscles don’t get used to the exercises. But my favorite exercises that I’ve been doing and it keeps me sore literally until my next leg day are (I do them in this order):

•Leg extensions – 2 warm up sets with both legs for 15 reps & 3-4 working sets one leg at a time for 12-15 reps
•squats – 4 sets for 8-15 reps
•wide set squats – 4 sets for 8-15 reps
•Leg Press – 1 warm up set for 20 reps and 4 working sets for 8-15 reps
•smith machine alternating lunges- 4 sets for 30 reps
•smith machine one-legged lunge -3-4 sets, first leg 12-15 reps and then switch to the next leg for 12-15 reps

On Thursdays, I like to focus more on hammies and of course the butt still. Same as the quads I like to switch it up, but recently my favorite exercises have been (I do them in this order):
• leg curl – 2 working sets with both legs 15 reps, 3-4 working sets 12-15 reps
•dead lifts – 4 sets 8-15 reps
•hip thrusters – 4 sets 15 reps
•kickbacks – 4 sets 15 reps for each leg
•good mornings – 4 sets 15 reps
•sumo squats – 4 double super sets. I use the 25, 30 & 35-pound Dumbbells 10 reps per dumbbell

So what’s next for you? Any goals you have to hit? (short and long term)?
Well at the moment I have my mind set on doing my first show April 16th! I can’t decide if I want to do bikini or figure, but I’m really leaning towards figure!

When you lift heavy, when was the first time you out lifted a guy? And what do your non-lifter friends think about what you do?
Well I’ve never tried to see if I can out lift a guy but last Monday at the gym I did see a guy squatting with my warm up and I got pretty cocky 🙈 haha made me feel good! Hehe. And my non-lifting friends are “jealous” (I feel uncomfortable saying they’re jealous because anyone can achieve what they set out to & shouldn’t be jealous of another) & I have had a few of them unfollow me on Instagram… Some always ask me what my “secret” is. And ask me for advice. I give it to them, but no one ever takes it 😒 and they think I have like no life cause I’m always at the gym or I’m cooking or what not haha. But I’m happy, so it doesn’t bother me 🙂

What do you tell women who think lifting heavy makes you look “manly”?
It bothers me when a woman says that or even men… And I’ve gotten that a few times. But honestly I just tell them I don’t agree & that were entitled to our own opinions. And if they don’t like what they see, well that’s the there problem because I’m happy with myself.

Anything you would like to tell the younger lifters? and/or anything else you would like to add?
I would tell them that progress doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of dedication, time, & consistency. & that we all stumble and fall but that only makes one stronger. We are our own worst enemy.

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