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If you don’t know who Larry Wheels is, you’re about to learn.

If you follow powerlifting there are a few names we all know, Andy Bolton, Brian Siders, Paul Anderson, Bill Kazmaier, Mark Henry, and many more. But this new generation of lifters is starting to make their mark and their lifts back up their talk. Being only 23 years of age, Larry is still young, however, that has not stopped him from making great jumps in his lifts and setting a number of world records.

Just look how easily he moves 600 pounds! This guy has taken squats to a new level of power at this young age.

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Fight Against Chicken Legs

For many reason some people just do not want to train legs. Laziness, "hurt", they did it last week, and so many other excuses come up on the day of legs. Here at FACL we are taking the next step into helping curl bros learn to love leg day; while educating them self with our leg day themed articles.