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Clayton Huff: Squatting Deep and Asking Questions

Clayton is a man that is focused on one thing, lifting heavy weight. A raw lifter who is going after some numbers that bros only can dream about quarter squatting. A man of few words, Clayton saves his energy for the squat rack. Too many bros will try a new “system” every week and never make any gainz. Keeping true to a proven way of training, this man is going to be hitting some huge numbers in 2016.

How old are you, where are you from, and do you squat ass to grass?
I’m 27 years old, I’m from Memphis TN, and that’s the only way to squat

What areas of weight training do you train and what is your best squat? Contest and gym PR?
I train in powerlifting. My best squat in contest is 613lb and gym best is 625lb

Where do you train? Do you have a lifting team or partner?
I train at ATC fitness in Collierville, yeah I and some local gym goers made a little team and we competed in our first meet as a team bout two months ago and we are training for one in 5 months

How did you into powerlifting?
Yeah, we’re still new and its A lot of fun…I got into powerlifting when I played high school football… I actually enjoyed lifting more than I liked playing football, lol.

What does a normal leg day workout look like for you?
Well I follow the 5,3,1 program for my squats than after that just leg extensions, leg curls, leg press, and straight leg deadlifts

What weight do you normal work with? Do you deload / overload at all? Also, are you Raw or equipped?
The weight is always different but I do like to do 500lb on squat for five reps on leg day and I like to increase my rep range with it…I usually don’t do load weeks I usually jus keep trying. I’m a raw lifter I use knee wraps and a belt.

So what’s next for you? Any goals you have to hit? (short and long term)?
I have another powerlifting meet coming up on April 30 so training for….short term goal is to hit 650lb and long term is to hit 700lb by 2017

What do your non-lifter friends / family think about what you do?
I have a great support group with my friends and my family….they are always there and always going to my powerlifting meets.

Do you have any pre-meet rituals for the week before a powerlifting meet?
Not really I just like to relax and do a lot of stretching

What do you tell the younger lifters when they ask how you got so strong?
I tell them it’s all time and patients and hard work…that’s how I was told and it’s definitely paid off, lol.

Anything you would like to tell the younger lifters? and/or anything else you would like to add?
Just to never give up…if you hit your goal make another and never be satisfied.

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