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Carrie: Squatting Deep and Asking Questions

Carrie has been building her booty and getting ready for the 2016 bodybuilding year. While keeping an athletic approach to her training and still bodybuilding, Carrie has put herself in a position to walk out on stage and steal the show. A former runner, Carrie was not one to lift any weights. Luckily having good friends and meeting the right person, at the right time (her now coach) helped this former sufferer of chicken legs find the light and learn to love the squat rack.

How old are you, where are you from, and do you squat ass to grass?
Well first off, I’m 27 almost 28 years old (Birthday is In January). I’m originally from Virginia. But my husband is military so we’ve lived all over. North Carolina, then Hawaii, and now Maryland. I do squat ass to grass. It’s the only way I feel my glutes fully engage when squatting. If I do only to 90deg I feel nothing. Just wasting energy. So I do various glute and leg workouts (lunges, hip thrusters, etc) but squats I’ve found gotta be in the hole. A lot of times I’ll do the 3-second pause at the bottom. That really helps prevent the “bounce” that people will sometimes do when squatting. And again, burns the glutes!!!

What areas of weight training do you train and what is your best squat?
I usually do bodybuilding as a NPC bikini competitor. But we’ll incorporate plyos and CrossFit in to keep body guessing and muscles confused. If I’m short on time I’ll take more of a CrossFit approach, doing weights fast to also get cardio in. But mainly I’ll do bodybuilding, I love super setting and pyramid sets. Right now to build I’m doing 4 sets; light weight high rep, then heavy weight lower rep. Repeat to 4 sets. Seems to work well for my body. Sometimes a 5th set drop set. Heaviest I’ve ever squatted was 225# when I was weighing in around 128lbs. It’s very mental to me, I get scared that I’ll have to bail or injure my knees, so it was a huge accomplishment.

Where do you train? Do you have a lifting team or partner?
I train at Golds Gym near my house. I’m part of the Vixen Team, under VixenFit808. My coach is Jacquelyn Geringer and she is amazing. I met her while I was competing in Hawaii. She took me under her wings and has probably been the reason why my glutes have grown about 2inches this year. I trained with her while in Hawaii but now that I live in Maryland she coaches me online; gives me meal plans and training plans and keeps in touch with me with progress pics and asking how my body is doing and feeling. So physically I train solo, but she’s there in spirit because I know what she would want me to do,” 2 more reps! Or push harder! ” She’s that inspiring. I can’t train with others unless they’re my coach. My husband and I tried. We do better solo. Gym is our time to focus on ourselves and our music and feel our muscles engage. So yeah, I have mad resting bitch face in gym because I don’t like talking to others or training with others, haha!

How did you into bodybuilding?
I’ve always been active. I played soccer since I was 6, basketball in high school, and I got a job when I was 16 at a local gym. So I was surrounded by active people and concepts. In college, I became a runner and ran 5+ miles a day. Lifted on occasion. Running got a little crazy tho when I signed up for a marathon. I was running 6-10 miles a day. No lifting. Had NO ass and insane chicken legs. And was miserable. A friend introduced me to Beachbody insanity videos, and that introduced me to a new way of doing cardio in a shorter time. From there I was more open to lift. But when I had my son I couldn’t really be lifting heavy weights around him so I reverted back to running with him in a stroller. Pushing a stroller ain’t easy tho! But I didn’t truly get into bodybuilding until I met my coach who slapped my hand and said stop running! You’re tall, you have a high metabolism. You’re just breaking down muscle! You don’t have curves because you don’t lift! So cardio was reduced to 2xweek! Lifting was heavy, PRs, pushing 6-8 plates, pulsing lunges, deadlifts, squats, squats, & squats. My knees were weak from running too so we focused on the smith machine and that really helped to build me up. I loved it! No cardio and looking tighter and better than I ever have my whole life? Heck yea!!! I realized I needed to bodybuild to get the body I wanted. 😊

What does a normal leg day workout look like for you?
Well, legs are twice a week. One heavy day one isolated higher rep day. Every day I do booty tho, kickbacks and such. But leg day usually goes:
Warm up cardio /bike or stairs slow high resist 15-20 min

  • Leg press 4set x10-15 reps, alternating low weight, high weight, low weight, high weight each set.
  • SS with weighted jump squats for 10.
  • Reverse hack squat 4set x10-15 reps, alternating low weight, high weight, low weight, high weight each set.
  • SS with weighted walking lunges for 15 each side.
  • Squat rack or smith machine 4 sets. 15 reps mod weight, attempt PR on 3rd set, burn out 4th set.
  • SS with straight leg deadlifts with 50lb kettle bell 15 reps.
  • Quad extension pyramid. Start low weight 10 reps, move up weight do 9 reps, etc til 1 rep max reached. Then go back down in weight and up in rep. At end, low weight century burn out.
  • Lying Hamstring curl machine. Same as quads, pyramid then 50 rep burn out.
  • Hip thrusters on ab ball with a band and 25lb weight for 30. SS with abs.
  • Cable donkey kickbacks 30, SS straight leg kickbacks for 30 (each leg) SS step back lunges for 30. 3sets.
  • I also Incorporate plyos/box jumps few times a week. It increases strength and tightens legs.

It’s a lot but my legs seem to respond finally. It’s tough being tall my quads are 2 in longer than my husbands! So building occurs but it’s harder to see. But I’m getting there and the booty has come a long way from pancake flat 😝 lol

So what’s next for you? Any goals you have to hit? (short and long term)?
Next I have a competition in March I’m aiming for. 11 weeks out from it now. I’m ahead of the game at current as you saw from my Instagram pic. Coach is happy. Goals are to place top 2 so I can go national show in July and get pro card. Big big goals in 2016. For now, these comp prep goals will be to add size to legs and mainly glutes. Tighten them when it comes time to cut water. Shoulders are also a focus but I’ve found the right combo for those so they’ll be good to go. My legs are toughest to grow but I’m relentless on them as you See from my leg workouts. Other goals include just balancing life, being a good mom and wife. I work two jobs so balancing those and making money.
I also would love sponsorship so hopefully that’ll come with nationals or pro card. I have big goals but I don’t ever give up on something I really want. And I feel so alive when I do this, I love going to the gym with a clear focus on my goals in mind. It’s motivating. And I love inspiring others. More than anything I just wanna inspire others more. Especially mothers. When I got pregnant I thought my life was over. My body would never be the same. But my body is now better than it was before baby! And my abs are tighter!

When you lift heavy, when was the first time you out lifted a guy? And what do your non-lifter friends think about what you do?
Oh wow…hmm, don’t know if I’ve ever completely known I’ve outlifted a guy. I know I’ll one up them. A guy was on the leg press machine and had 4 plates goin and I asked to be up next. When he was done he started reracking the weights for me and I’m like,” oh no leave them on, hey can u throw on one more on that side? I do six for warm up”😊 he may have done more earlier I didn t notice. But I do make a point of competing any way I can in gym. I can Def reverse hack squat more than my husband weight and rep wise. But I’ve got wider hips so it’s easier to bend that way.
First time I met my husband I kept up with him in a burpee woodchops superset for 15 min no stop. 1 min burpee, 1 min woodchops with kettle bell. I may not be able to lift more but I Def do my best to make them fight as hard as they can or feel just a little weaker to be lifting with me. Lol

My few non- lifter friends can be a little mean. You know the comments, “you’re always at the gym” or “just eat the dessert! Coach won’t know!” But they’re pretty impressed too. Those that come and see my competitions tend to understand better and have more respect. They realize all I have to go thru and I then I have to step on stage 90% naked to be judged. I usually only keep positive supporting people in my gang anyway so those who don’t support it usually don’t get a spot in my life. I don’t have time for too much negativity.

What do you tell women who think lifting heavy makes you look “manly”?
I work at a supplement shop so I get that a lot. The whole: “I don’t wanna get bulky..will whey bulk me? Will this make me puffy? What should I do in the gym? Do you do a lot of cardio?” So I tell them I lift heavy and hard and show them my comp pics. Then of course, I get the, “well you probably have good genetics or are naturally thin”. Then I show them my younger pics. I was made fun of, a whole bus of kids used to call me “the whale”. My parents are hefty, my mom’s short and lots of curves and my dad is a tall Santa (belly, plus thick everything). So genetics aren’t my friend. But I defy them. I show them where I’ve come from, show them my pregnancy pics where I was 50+lbs up, and that usually convinces them. Lifting heavy is the most amazing thing. 1. It makes you tighter and more toned. 2. It makes you feel alive and strong. We were built to do great things.

Anything you would like to tell the younger lifters? and/or anything else you would like to add?
Find what makes you happy, not what will give you success. If you do something enough and with enough passion people will eventually recognize it. For me, it’s competing. I’ve lost more times than I’ve won, but I still love doing it. And one day it will pay off.
Also don’t expect to be perfect. The first time you squat, knows how to bail out. The first time you go heavy, have a spotter. I’ve made many mistakes with form and trying to find what works best for my body, but trial and error will guide you.
And when you see videos or pics of people working out on Instagram, that’s what works best for their body. Find what works best for you!! Do what engages your muscles and your mind. Learn about YOUR body! Same goes for diet. Don’t do iifym or carb cycling just because some hot chick on IG is. Find what works for YOUR body.

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#throwbacktuesday to last Wednesday’s leg day: to motivate me for tomorrow. 135 squats and booty work on hack squat machine. Let’s talk about these moves: I’ve seen huge changes since doing these. Maybe cuz I’m flexing my butt like I’m holding in a fart?? Lol it’s silly but it makes sense. I never did that before. I just thought you stood up. But squeeeeeeeeze!!! I knew that but never really understood til recent. Literally, act like you’re holding in a fart people! 😂💨 also the hack squat move: it’s a slight bend in knees, while doing a small deadlift sort of move. Then pulling in and again squeezing. Heavier the better. You can go super heavy too since it’s a small but powerful movement and NO JOKE it hits that under booty (gluteus minimus and high hams. That area that is really hard to hit. Glute ham tie in as some call it although they are two totally seperate muscles. @strong_new_skinny @esullie87 @justdaniplease try it ladies! #booty #wcw #Wednesday #throwback #video #workout #glutes #squats #hacksquats #bootygains #bootygoals #bootygainprayers #faclorg #10weeksout #vixen #vixenfit #legsfordays #npcbikini #bikinibod #bikinigirl #tallbikini #unstoppable #flexingladies #showoffpage #1stphorm #girlswithmuscle #bikinimom #bikinicompetitor #dedication

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